NFL Week 10 Bets

Some incredibly bad beats spoiled what could have been a big week, notably the troublemakers were the Bills losing to the Jets and the Raiders with another massive choke job. We’re now in double digit weeks as week 10 is here and we continue to dig ourselves out of a -8 unit hole on the season. Grab your hard hat and a shovel, it’s time to lock in and surge back towards the green.

DPJ’s Best Bets (After Week 9: 15-21-1 Overall, -6.01 Units Total)

Seattle Seahawks vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sunday, 11/13 (9:30 AM EST)
Pick: Seahawks +3 (-110) (1 unit)

I am back on the Seahawks this week after they cashed another win for me last week in Arizona. They now get the pleasure of facing a struggling Tampa Bay team at the Allianz Arena in Munich. German fans are used to seeing the likes of Thomas Muller and Manuel Neuer field the pitch, and now they get to see Geno Smith and Tom Brady, what a world. I had the pleasure of seeing a Champions League game in this stadium in 2018 and it is an absolute beauty. Tampa should honestly be riding a four game losing streak coming into Munich if not for the Rams defense deciding to play prevent defense at the most pivotal point in the game last weekend. The Bucs offense looks horrendous and I expect them to continue to struggle against Seattle. The Seahawks balanced offensive attack has now won four in a row and I think they’ll make it five on Sunday in Germany. Score Prediction: Seahawks 24 – Buccaneers 20.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs/Indianapolis Colts @ Las Vegas Raiders/Washington Commanders @ Philadelphia Eagles
Pick: 3 Team Parlay: Chiefs Moneyline, Raiders Moneyline, Eagles Moneyline (-105) (1 unit)

The Chiefs and Eagles portion of this bet does not deserve much attention, as both are ~10 point favorites and should roll against their respective scrubby opponents (Jags and Commanders). I will instead turn the focus here to the Raiders, which should be the key to victory in this bet. 

The Raiders are 2-6 after blowing a 17-0 lead to the Jags in week 9, which was their follow up performance to getting shut out by the Saints in week 8. Woof. You’d think that there is no possible way in hell anyone would want to bet on the Raiders right now…however… if they can’t win this game against the Colts on Sunday they should simply fold the franchise. If you haven’t been following the sports news, the Colts fired Frank Riech and subsequently hired Jeff Saturday off his couch to coach the team. How much NFL and College Football coaching experience does Jeff have, you might ask? The answer is zero. The last team he coached was Hebron Christian High School in 2020 to the tune of a 3-7 record. And who did Jeff tap to call plays in this illustrious offense quarterbacked by Sam Ehlinger? Park Frazier, a no-name passing game specialist who has never called plays at any level of football in his life. If you sat down and thought to yourself “what are the personnel moves I can make to tank this franchise and secure a good draft pick” you’d end up with something like Jeff Saturday and Park Frazier. McDaniels job is completely on the line in this game and the fact that they aren’t double digit favorites is an indictment on how bad this Raiders team has been. They must win this game if they have any resemblance of a pulse. Score Prediction: Raiders 30 – Colts 12.

Indianapolis Colts @ Las Vegas Raiders – Sunday, 11/13 (4:05 PM EST)
Pick: Colts Total Points Under 17.5 (-110) (1 unit)

See above post for my thoughts on the dumpster fire Colts…I simply don’t see how this offense improves with Jeff Saturday and Park Frazier behind the reigns. I would be shocked if these guys can piece together 18+ points. The fear is mostly in garbage time points, but I don’t think they are even competent enough to make that as big of a threat as it should be.

Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers – Sunday, 11/13 (4:25 PM EST)
Pick: Packers Total Points Under 18.5 (-110) (1 unit)

The Green Bay Packers have lost five games in a row, yes FIVE. Four of those five losses have come at the hands of the Commanders, Lions, Jets and Giants…what a disaster this season has become for Rodgers and Co. Over those five games they’ve scored less than 16 points on average, yikes. Now they get the well-rested Cowboys coming to town fresh off a bye and the Packers are nearly five point dogs. This Cowboys defense is the absolute truth. The pass rush is insane, they create so much chaos upfront which gives them opportunities to create turnovers in the secondary. The only one of their six wins that they allowed more than 18.5 points was week 8 against the Bears which was a blowout and an outlier for various reasons. I don’t see the Packers crossing midfield many times in this game, and I especially don’t see many red zone opps. Aaron Jones is banged up so the Packers may struggle to get the ground game going as well, which is really their only hope. Score Prediction: Cowboys 27 – Packers 13.

Q’s Best Bets (After Week 9: 10-16 Overall, -5.613 Units Total)

Seattle Seahawks @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Washington Commanders @ Philadelphia Eagles/Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears
Pick: 3 Team Parlay: Seahawks +14.5, Eagles -2.5, Lions/Bears Total Points Over 40.5 (-110) (1 unit)

Pretty simple takes this week outside of the Bears total. 

People (including myself) have slept on the Seahawks all year… that stops now. It’s time to recognize that Geno Smith and the Seahawks are actually a good team and that Tom Brady is a washed up shell of his former self despite the super talented team that he’s dragging to the depths with him. Tampa is banged up on defense which should bode well for another decent Geno showing and Tampa’s offense can’t get anything going because of everyone’s favorite senior citizen to hate. Seattle probably wins this game outright so 14.5 points feels like a no brainer. Score Prediction: Seahawks 24 – Buccaneers 21.

I won’t spend much time on the Eagles this week. Sure, they’re probably due for a loss. No, that shouldn’t come at the hands of Taylor Heinicke and an overall reeling Commanders franchise on the brink of a new owner. I love Taylor Heinicke, but he’s not the guy to expose this lethal Eagles defensive unit and Hurts has enough weapons on the other side of the ball to pull away late in this one. Score Prediction: Eagles 27 – Commanders 14. 

Don’t blink, you might miss Justin Fields’ come up. Fields has subtly placed the league on notice for the past few weeks and he faces a truly atrocious Lions defense to continue the trend this week. Oh, and the Bears defense is also horrendous. This game literally features two of the worst defenses in the league and two deceivingly productive offenses as of late. I’m moving the total to 40.5 to be safe but this matchup feels like a shootout to me. Score Prediction: Bears 27 – Lions 24.

Disclaimer: is not an online gambling operator or a gambling site of any kind. Our insights about sports/sports betting are purely for entertainment purposes only.

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