NFL Week 4 Bets

Anddddd boom goes the dynamite. We posted a finish of +2.24 units last week and we’re just getting started. Vegas can’t help itself but to overreact to short term storylines… we’re long term investors. Strap in for another big week, best of luck if you’re dealing with a hurricane right now and always remember to bet smarter, not harder.

Q’s Best Bets (After Week 3: 3-6 Overall, -1.6 Units Total)

Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders – Sunday, 10/2 (4:25 PM EST)
Pick: Raiders -1 (-110) (1 unit)

This take is pretty simple… 0-3 teams tend to turn on the desperate mojo in Week 4 and the Raiders are too talented to still be winless after Week 3. On the flip side, Russell Wilson is not clicking with his new offense in Denver yet and the Broncos are lucky to be 2-1. Siding not only with historical trends here but also backing what should be the better team playing for their season at home. Score Prediction: Raiders 23 – Broncos 20.

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers – Sunday, 10/2 (4:05 PM EST)
Pick: Cardinals Moneyline (+105) (1 unit)

This is by far my favorite pick of the week. Kingsbury is absolute money coming off a loss, especially as an underdog against sub par coaches (looking at you Rhule… looking at you). Despite being banged up for the last few weeks, the Cardinals have still managed to go 1-1 since Week 1 and this Arizona defense could definitely cause Baker Mayfield problems. There’s been question marks surrounding CMC’s health all week and there’s a large possibility of poor weather in Charlotte this weekend due to Hurricane Ian. Expect a heated Cardinals squad intent on righting the ship on Sunday (especially before their “in season” version of Hard Knocks airs in like a week). Score Prediction: Cardinals 24 – Panthers 20.

New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings/Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pick: 2 Team Parlay: Vikings +3.5, Buccaneers +7.5 (-110) (1 unit)

Love this parlay this week. 

Favorites in London during early morning games have been massively successful since the NFL started playing games overseas and the Vikings are playing a completely wounded Saints squad yet to find its identity. This Vikings offense is impressively balanced and the Saints don’t seem to have a ton of will to compete right now after losing to my lowly Panthers last week. Riding the hot hand and rolling with the historical trends across the pond this weekend. Set your alarms now. Score Prediction: Vikings 24 – Saints 17.

Nobody wants to play Brady at home after a loss and definitely not when it’s expected to be a low scoring affair. Tampa is still experiencing bad weather due to Hurricane Ian so I highly doubt this will turn into a massive shootout. The Bucs have the stingier defense, Brady gets Mike Evans back and I’d argue that Tampa clearly has the better run game between both teams. It’s also worth mentioning that KC really hasn’t looked great so far this season and defenses are starting to understand how to neutralize Kelce (really their only no question playmaker left after Tyreek Hill’s departure this offseason). Banking on Brady to continue his crazy trend of always bouncing back the week after a loss. Score Prediction: Bucs 24 – Chiefs 21.

DPJ’s Best Bets (After Week 3: 5-8 Overall, -2.7 Units Total)

Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders – Sunday, 10/2 (4:25 PM EST)
Pick: Raiders -1 (-110) (1 unit)

New England Patriots @ Green Bay Packers – Sunday, 10/2 (4:25 PM EST)
Pick: Patriots +10 (-110) (1 unit)

Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens – Sunday, 10/2 (1:00 PM EST)
Pick: Total Points Over 51 (-110) (1 unit)

Seattle Seahawks @ Detroit Lions – Sunday, 10/2 (1:00 PM EST)
Pick: Lions -3.5 (-110) (1 unit)

Disclaimer: is not an online gambling operator or a gambling site of any kind. Our insights about sports/sports betting are purely for entertainment purposes only.

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