Jake’s Crystal Ball – NFL Futures vol. 2

We are now 24 hours from kick off. Opening night in Tampa is going to be a beautiful, beautiful thing. Then we have the first NFL Sunday of the year which is arguable better than Christmas Sunday…you don’t have to talk to your creepy and annoying relatives, you don’t have to act like you’re happy with the ugly pair of socks your grandma bought you, you don’t have to eat prime rib for the zillionth year in a row (unless you want to eat prime rib of course, this day is entirely yours and no one else’s, you are the boss on your first NFL Sunday). 

Below are some additional picks building off of my vol. 1. Stay tuned for more futures as we move along in the season.

Super Bowl CHAMP 

One final step of my preparation is to review the future odds as we head into Week 1. If you read my volume 1 from a couple weeks ago, you saw my disclaimer that I am waiting for the Chiefs to lose a game to pick them to win the Super Bowl. Well guess what, they are now +500 and I am waiting to board a private jet (no I don’t have my own PJ (yet)) to Vegas to place a sizeable wager on KC.

Kansas City Chiefs +500  

NFC West Champ 

The Rams have crept up to +190 from +180 to win the NFC West, I’d imagine that is from the Cam Akers achilles tear but I like Henderson and Michel to make up for the lost production. (this is absolutely not a homer pick I swear, I am a fair and balanced sports bettor).

Los Angeles Rams +190

AFC North Champ

Similarly, the Colts have crept up to +150 from +115 to win the AFC South. While I do have concerns around their injuries (most of which have already come and gone) I still feel they are a more complete team than the Titans. 

Indianapolis Colts +150 


Last but not least, I would be remiss not to place a little cheddar on a player future. Particularly I LOVE the odds on Josh Allen. It’s certainly Mahomes award to lose, and Patty should be fired up coming off a disappointing 20-’21 (lol at being disappointed with a SB appearance and 4700+ yards), but Mahomes has also set a high standard for himself, anything short of peak Mahomes should not warrant an MVP. I think the media likes Allen a lot and the narrative always plays into it. +1200 is just too tasty to pass up.

Josh Allen

Disclaimer: SidehustlebetsMJQ.com is not an online gambling operator or a gambling site of any kind. Our insights about sports/sports betting are purely for entertainment purposes only.

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