2022 US Open Recap & Lessons Learned

Boy oh boy am I excited to write this article… Our prodigal son Matthew Fitzpatrick got it done down the stretch (hitting quite possibly one of the best sand shots in US Open history on 18), we finished the tournament +2.45 units and Side Hustle Bets has now predicted every single outright winner in majors this season (3 for 3… 100% accuracy). Did we speak Fitzpatrick’s first major into existence? Of course not. He’s an extremely talented player who was bound to win a major championship (or at the very least a PGA Tour event) at some point. Were we on the Fitzy train weeks prior to the US Open? Why yes… yes we most certainly were. Side Hustle Bets is on quite the heater this golf season and we’re licking our chops to start diving into St. Andrews for next month’s British Open (sorry.. “The Open”). Enjoy our victory lap below, let’s finish strong this season and always remember to bet smarter, not harder.

2022 Majors Season Stats (through 3 majors)

  1. We’ve posted 10 profitable rounds in majors out of 12 total rounds (~83.33%).
  2. We’ve finished profitable in 2 out of 3 majors and our only unprofitable major was only a 2.106 unit loss…
  3. We’ve predicted EVERY. SINGLE. OUTRIGHT. WINNER. THIS. SEASON… We’re 3 for 3 predicting major champions at a 100% clip this year. If that’s not an eye popping stat for you then you need to get your vision checked.
  4. We’re currently +21.275 units this season through 3 majors. Assuming an average unit of $100, that lands any Side Hustle Bets “ride or dies” around $2,127.50 in profit this season… SO FAR.
  5. We’re currently +11 units betting on outright winners in majors alone. That’s a solid $1,100 in profit assuming a $100 unit.

2022 US Open Stats

  1. 5 out of 6 of our outright winner bets this week landed in the top 14 (~83.33%). 3 of which finished inside the top 5 (50%)…
  2. Three of our initial sleeper picks this week finished 1st, T2 and T14 (out of 5 total).
  3. Two of our initial favorites picks this week finished T2 and T5 (out of 3 total).

The moral of the story is simple folks… WE PICK WINNERS.

Lessons Learned

Paul Azinger needs to chill out. I realize the guy has won 12 times on tour and has a major championship under his belt but I’ve never heard so many “Captain Hindsight” and/or simply terrible takes from an announcer all season (other than from Charles Barkley, but I’m not going to include him as a golf announcer). Hopefully Azinger’s not on the call at St. Andrews otherwise I might have to mute my TV.

Rory McIlroy’s performances in majors right now are like a tragic comedy. Anything that can go wrong does (lies, bounces, etc) yet his immense talent consistently keeps him in the conversation be it his advantage off the tee or his short game as of late. It’s hard to think he won’t break back through that majors door as long as he keeps knocking but he does seem to be plateauing a bit a few shots off the lead ultimately. That said, look for Rory to excel at St. Andrews next month.

It’s hard to win more than one major in the same season. Just look at JT and Scheffler this past week… JT looked all out of sorts and Scheffler couldn’t play a back nine to save his life despite playing the front nine of every round virtually to perfection. Just goes to show what it takes to win a major golf championship on the PGA Tour and major props to Tiger for making it look easy for so many years… 

Will Zalatoris is a prime time player and he’s bound to win a major sooner rather than later. He might win a runner up grand slam on his way to finally hoisting the first place trophy (he’s finished 2nd in three majors in only 2 years), but it feels inevitable at this point that eventually he’ll become a major champion. In his own words, as long as he keeps knocking on the door then good things will happen.

We might have witnessed Patrick Cantlay’s majors slump buster this week. He played pretty solid this weekend (despite coming within a shot of missing the cut) so there could be good things for him on the horizon. We can’t forget that he is one of the best players in the world and he’s put together a solid season thus far outside of majors so who knows what he has in store for us at St. Andrews.

Collin Morikawa will win another major and possibly a grand slam at some point in his career. Enough said.


Outright Winner: Matthew Fitzpatrick+30000.25 units7.5 units
Top 10: Rory McIlroy+1400.5 units0.7 units
Top 10: Scottie Scheffler+1600.5 units0.8 units
Top 10: Matthew Fitzpatrick+3000.5 units1.5 units
Top 20: Rory McIlroy-1651 unit0.61 units
Top 20: Scottie Scheffler-1401 unit0.71 units
Top 20: Xander Schauffele-1151 unit0.87 units
Top 20: Matthew Fitzpatrick+1301 unit1.3 units
Top 20: Will Zalatoris+1301 unit0.975 units
Top 40: Hideki Matsuyama-1601 unit0.63 units
Top Asian: Hideki Matsuyama+2200.5 units1.1 units
Top Canadian: Adam Hadwin+3800.2 units0.76 units
To Make Cut: Scheffler/Rahm/Fitzpatrick-1151 unit0.87 units
1st Round Top 20: Rory McIlroy+1700.5 units0.85 units
1st Round Top 20: Will Zalatoris+2200.5 units1.1 units
Tournament Matchup: Will Zalatoris vs Tony Finau-1101 unit0.91 units
1st Round Matchup: Burns vs Ancer (late scratch from tournament) vs PietersBurns (+110)0.6 units0.66 units
1st Round Matchup: Im vs Pereira vs Van RooyenPereira (+140)0.5 units0.7 units
1st Round Matchup: Smith vs Scheffler vs KoepkaScheffler (+125)0.5 units0.625 units
2nd Round Matchup: Fitzpatrick vs Dustin JohnsonFitzpatrick (-115)1 unit0.87 units
2nd Round Matchup: Morikawa vs RahmMorikawa (+125)1 unit1.25 units
3rd Round Parlay: Scheffler/McIlroy+1251 unit1.25 units
4th Round Matchup: Scheffler vs HadwinScheffler (-165)1 unit0.61 units


Outright Winner: Rory McIlroy+12000.25 units-0.25 units
Outright Winner: Justin Thomas+14000.25 units-0.25 units
Outright Winner: Scottie Scheffler+15000.25 units-0.25 units
Outright Winner: Jon Rahm+16000.15 units-0.15 units
Outright Winner: Xander Schauffele+22000.1 units-0.1 units
Top 10: Justin Thomas+1400.5 units-0.5 units
Top 20: Justin Thomas-1601 unit-1 unit
Top 20: Sungjae Im+1500.75 units-0.75 units
Top 20: Shane Lowry+1400.75 units-0.75 units
Top 20: Mito Pereira+1700.5 units-0.5 units
Top 20: Cameron Smith+1100.5 units-0.5 units
Top 20: Joaquin Niemann+1500.5 units-0.5 units
Top 20: Corey Conners+2800.25 units-0.25 units
Top 40: Mito Pereira-1251 unit-1 unit
Top 40: Sungjae Im-1601 unit-1 unit
Top 40: Joaquin Niemann-1451 unit-1 unit
Top 40: Corey Conners-1301 unit-1 unit
Top 40: Daniel Berger-1401 unit-1 unit
Top South American: Joaquin Niemann+1100.5 units-0.5 units
Top South American: Mito Pereira+1650.5 units-0.5 units
Top Asian: Sungjae Im+2000.5 units-0.5 units
Top Canadian: Corey Conners+1200.8 units-0.8 units
Lowest 18 Hole Round: Justin Rose+66000.1 units-0.1 units
Lowest 18 Hole Round: Justin Thomas+14000.1 units-0.1 units
Lowest 18 Hole Round: Rory McIlroy+12000.1 units-0.1 units
Lowest 18 Hole Round: Xander Schauffele+25000.1 units-0.1 units
Lowest 18 Hole Round: Scottie Scheffler+18000.1 units-0.1 units
To Make Cut: Phil Mickelson+2200.5 units-0.5 units
To Miss Cut: Patrick Cantlay+3200.5 units-0.5 units
1st Round Top 20: Scottie Scheffler+1850.25 units-0.25 units
1st Round Top 20: Cameron Smith+2250.25 units-0.25 units
1st Round Top 20: Cameron Young+2800.5 units-0.5 units
1st Round Top 20: Joaquin Niemann+2800.5 units-0.5 units
1st Round Top 10: Jon Rahm+3500.5 units-0.5 units
Tournament Matchup: Daniel Berger vs Dustin JohnsonBerger (+110)0.5 units-0.5 units
1st Round Matchup: Im vs Pereira vs Van RooyenIm (+130)0.5 units-0.5 units
1st Round Matchup: Smith vs Scheffler vs KoepkaSmith (+190)0.5 units-0.5 units
2nd Round Matchup: Im vs Pereira vs Van RooyenIm (+120)/Pereira (+130)1.5 units-1.5 units
2nd Round Matchup: Thomas vs Hovland vs FinauHovland (+200)0.4 units-0.4 units
3rd Round Matchup: Morikawa vs DahmenMorikawa (-175)1 unit-1 unit
3rd Round Matchup: Thomas vs RahmThomas (+300)0.5 units-0.5 units
4th Round Matchup: Thomas vs TringaleThomas (-175)1 unit-1 unit
Top 5: Keegan Bradley+1500.5 units-0.5 units
Top 5: Sam Burns+1750.5 units-0.5 units
Winning Score Worse Than -6-1101 unit-1 unit
Playoff: Yes+4000.25 units-0.25 units


1st Round Matchup: Burns vs Ancer (late scratch from tournament) vs PietersAncer (+210)0.4 units0 units
2nd Round Matchup: Thomas vs Hovland vs FinauThomas (+115)0.6 units0 units

Disclaimer: SidehustlebetsMJQ.com is not an online gambling operator or a gambling site of any kind. Our insights about sports/sports betting are purely for entertainment purposes only.

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