NFL Playoffs Challenge Champion/Punishment Breakdown

The NFL season is now officially-officially over. For many of you the season may have ended at the Super Bowl, but for Q it ended a bit later with a 26.2 mile walk. How did we get here you may ask? Q was not smart enough to draft the world champion Rams in our playoff pickem snake draft. He picked the Bengals, which looked like it may have been wise, but in the end it simply wasn’t. Lucky for Q he probably needed the excercise after consuming all those tacos for losing our fantasy football bet a couple months ago. All jokes aside I must give the man props for knocking out the full marathon in one day. He could have spread it out over the weekend but he handled it like a champ, doing it all in one day. To me it sounds worse than the Trail of Tears but I am not one to point fingers. I’m already looking forward to seeing what dumb ass bets we make next year, and hopefully I stay on the winning side once again.

Marathon Walk Breakdown:

Once again I feel honored that the football gods would choose me to take one for the team for our football coverage team. Wouldn’t want DPJ’s athleticism getting exposed to the entire world! 

Kidding… Kidding… Anyways, I walked an entire marathon last Saturday (26.2 miles). So yeah, I felt the after effects for a couple days. It only cost me ~7.5 hours of my life and now most of my neighbors probably find me suspicious (there’s only so many places to walk in my neighborhood so there’s a good chance multiple people saw me walking a good 5+ times throughout the day). Only a small price to pay for glory! 

Enjoy the punishment breakdown, no hard feelings towards the Bengals and congrats to DPJ’s Rams (one day Panthers fans… one day).

Mile 1-6: I figured this walk was going to take quite a while so I got up around 7 AM to start my trek. Other than a super cold morning, the first 6 miles have got me loose so I’m just going to walk until I hit a wall and finish the rest on Sunday.

Mile 7-10: Still feeling pretty solid. I’m averaging a sub 17 minute mile and I’m nowhere close to hitting a wall. Other than getting bored with my scenery (I’ve probably walked the entire neighborhood 2-3 times at this point) I’m super invested in a podcast and I’m truly curious how far I can take this thing in one go.

Mile 11-15: Alright I’m starting to tighten up a little bit. That said, I’m not really sore or dealing with real pain so we’re going to keep this train rolling. It’s also warmed up outside and I’m still holding that sub 17 minute pace with ease so we’re in this for the long haul.

Mile 16-18: Definitely feeling it in my feet and every part of my legs but my confidence to knock this thing out in one try is on full blast. Shooting DPJ a Snapchat of my progress to flex on him then taking following my destiny to greatness.

Mile 19-21: The pain is real but there’s no way I can back down now… I’m going to be so sore at the end of this that it’ll probably be easier to just knock it out now vs finishing tomorrow. That and I already proclaimed I’m finishing in one go to DPJ so locked in to the very end at this point. Still holding about a mid 17 minute mile.

Mile 22-24: Every step is agony and my pace has nose dived… I’ve officially hit a wall. My feet may never forgive me for this and I’m aching with every step from the waist down. From mile 10-20 it felt like mileage was flying by… Absolutely no longer the case. Not only am I dealing with real pain now but I’m moving towards a snail’s pace (~18-18.5 minute mile). But hey, 2.2 miles from glory… Dig deep.

Mile 25-26: I’m not even looking at my pace anymore and if anything I’m not trying to look at my distance either. I’m tired of listening to music and/or podcasts so I’m riding out this last bit the old natural way. I’m contemplating sending DPJ another Snapchat but I don’t want to jinx myself. I’m literally focusing on every step to make sure I don’t tweak an ankle and have to crawl this thing to the finish line. 

Mile 26.1-26.2: For some reason I thought it was a good idea to trick myself into thinking I was only walking 26 vs 26.2 miles. Questionable call… Not only do I resent my own decision making but now I’m just walking past my house multiple times until I hit 26.2. Not the glorious finish line I envisioned but one I will most certainly accept. Boom… FINALLY complete this ordeal. Shoot DPJ a victory lap text and limp inside, as a champion. 

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