NFL Week 14 Bets

Week 13 very well might have been the best NFL week for the MJQ boys all season. How does a 7-2 week across the board feel? Pretty damn good I must say. Q and I are now both >50% in our personal best bets, and were now north of 50% in our other action picks as well. Best of the best is trending back towards 50% with four straight victories. Grab your favorite adult beverage and lock in some bets with us as we ride into the green for another glorious football Sunday (and Monday).

Q’s Best Bets (16-14 Overall)
Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs/Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans
Pick: 2 Team Parlay: Chiefs -2.5, Seahawks -2.5 (-135 odds)

Got some alternate spread parlay action for you this week. 

The Seahawks are incredibly still in playoff contention and Russ looks like he might be starting to cook again. The Texans are in a bad place right now and absolutely primed to get roasted (punny, I know). Expect to see a Seahawks team you’re more accustomed to this weekend and expect the Texans… to Texan.

Unpopular opinion, the Chiefs are still an elite team and they still have a great chance to win the Super Bowl this year. Their offense is undeniably one of the most talented offenses in NFL history and their defense has taken a big step forward as of late. The Raiders look like the wheels are starting to fall off, they lack leadership since Gruden’s abrupt departure and Derek Carr is starting to look like his normal self (so trash). Don’t be surprised when the Chiefs put the league on notice this week.

Buffalo Bills @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sunday, 12/12 (4:25 PM EST)
Pick: Total Points Over 52

This should be a shootout, plain and simple. I realize both teams tout elite defenses but the Bills tend to play their best against the best and Tom Brady is not one to shy away from a challenge. The Bills are coming off of a brutal loss to the Pats and Josh Allen will surely be looking to keep his MVP hopes intact after losing the battle to gale force winds in Foxborough last week. It’s hard to say who will come out victorious in this one but I highly doubt it will be boring which usually results in, you guessed it, points. 

NY Giants @ LA Chargers – Sunday, 12/12 (4:05 PM EST)
Pick: Giants Total Points Under 17.5 (-120 odds)

This under pick is a direct attack on the Giants QB situation this weekend. With both Daniel Jones and Mike Glennon unlikely to play, it looks like Jake Fromm will make his NFL debut against a stingy Chargers defense that just completely exposed a young burgeoning Bengals offense last week. It doesn’t look like Saquon is ever going to fully regain his elite form this year and it probably doesn’t matter what receivers are available if Fromm is under center. I’m expecting the Chargers to run up the score early and I will be truly astonished if Fromm doesn’t turn the ball over at some point throughout the game. Shorting the Giants offense this week and trusting the Chargers defense to get the job done at home.

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers – Sunday, 12/12 (1:00 PM EST)
Pick: Matt Ryan Total Passing Yards Under 230.5 (-115 odds)

I promise this is not a homer pick. Matt Ryan has surpassed 230 passing yards only twice in the last 6 weeks, he has virtually no healthy weapons right now with the exception of rookie TE Kyle Pitts and he’s going up against one of the best defenses in the league this week in Charlotte. The Panthers defense is absolutely loaded with young talent and they’re allowing the fewest passing yards per game in the league. This stingy Panthers unit shouldn’t have too many issues containing Pitts or Gage this weekend and they should be able to cause chaos in the backfield all game. Banking on this elite defensive group, and Matt Ryan’s head, to keep pounding on Sunday.

DPJ’s Best Bets (18-16 Overall)
Dallas Cowboys @ WFT/Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans
Pick: 6 Point Teaser: WFT +11.5, Seahawks -1.5 (-110 odds)

Dipping my pen back into the teaser ink, and this one looks juicy. To start we have a red hot WFT heading home to take on the Cowboys. This should be a very fun game and I am tempted to also take WFT spread and moneyline as well. They have won four in a row and haven’t lost by more than a TD since mid October. The Cowboys appear to be moving in the other direction, they were dealing with some injuries but outside of a win vs. Atlanta and a beat up Saints team they have looked bad for many weeks now. Getting this line up to 11.5 is tantalizing. The Seahawks are a simple story, they are flying to Houston to take on what feels like the worst team in the league at this point. The Seahawks season is basically over but Russ still needs to stat-pad and keep himself tradeable. Seahawks by just 2 or more points is easy money.

LA Rams @ Arizona Cardinals – Monday, 12/13 (8:15 PM EST)
Pick: Rams +3

First things first, I am a Rams fan. I know you, the honest reader, could see right through my biases so I would like that out in the open. However,,, I have been absolutely hating this Rams team for weeks BUT I think this is a big spot for them to come up with a W. Sean McVay is a career 8-1 vs the Cardinals, yes I know this team is different than past years, but he clearly has no problem going into Glendale to beat this team. I also think the Rams feel like they got their teeth kicked in not only the last three weeks before JAX but also in week 4 vs AZ. They need some revenge and need to get right before the playoffs come around in a month. This team should be ready for war and the defense feels ready to unleash on Kyler. I do think they can win but I like the cushion of +3. The Cardinals also haven’t beat a truly good team this year, besides the Rams in week 4. And doing that twice in one season is tough.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns – Sunday, 12/12 (1:00 PM EST)
Pick: Ravens +3

Both these teams come limping into this game trending in the wrong direction. Does anyone want to win the AFC North? Doesn’t seem like it. At the end of the day I still think Lamar is the best player in the division despite his turnover issues. And while the Marlon Humphrey loss hurts their pass defense, the Ravens come in with the league’s best run defense…and we all know how this Cleveland offense is built. These two teams met just 2 weeks ago and the Browns compiled 36 yards on 15 carries from their RBs. Not good! Lamar getting 3 points against a crappy Cleveland team feels criminal so we will flock with the Ravens on their way to a victory.

Best of the Best Bets – DPJ & Q approved (10-16 Overall)
Bears @ Packers/Giants @ Chargers/Bills @ Buccaneers 
Pick: 10 Point Super Teaser: Packers -1.5, Chargers -0.5, Bills +14 (-120 odds)

Not only is ‘super teaser’ a terrific name for a gambling pick but these three together feel like a fool proof mortal lock. Quick summary of each below, but we have GB and LAC  just needing to win against two of the worst teams in football (NYG and CHI), and we have many people’s pre-season superbowl favorite (BUF) simply needing to not-lose by two touchdowns+. 

  • The Packers are now the #3 favorite to win the SB, with the best odds in the NFC outside of TB. They are rounding into form and their defense is leading the charge. All-Pro cornerback Jaire Alexander is set to return this week and that is big bad news for Justin Fields. This will probably be a blowout but all we need is the Packers by at least two points.
  • The Chargers came away with what seems like a season-saving win in Cincy last week. They now come home to face a Giants team that is in shambles and might have Jake Fromm at the helm. Even better, the Giants are so bad their fans might not care enough to travel for the game and SoFi might be over 50% Charger fans for once. All we need is the Chargers to win here to let’s get it done, LAC. 
  • The Bills would have loved to beat a team that only threw three passes last week but sadly, they took a big L at home. Now their season is in serious panic-mode and they must show up big in Tampa. The warm weather should work in their favor and if they lose by more than two scores they can pack it in and cancel the season. – DPJ

Other Action (57-56-4 Overall)

Falcons @ Panthers: Panthers -2.5

49ers @ Bengals: Total Points Over 47.5

Giants @ Chargers: Total Points Under 45.5

Raiders @ Chiefs: Total Points Over 47.5

Saints @ Jets: Saints -5.5

Lions @ Broncos: Lions +10

Risky Business (20-36 Overall; currently up 0.7 units)

Bills @ Buccaneers: Bills Money Line (+155 odds)

Disclaimer: is not an online gambling operator or a gambling site of any kind. Our insights about sports/sports betting are purely for entertainment purposes only.

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