Clash of the Titans – Arbitrage League Champion and Waiver Wire Advice

Ladies and Gentlemen, after a short 12 weeks we have crowned a regular season winner in the Arbitrage League. DPJ (aka me) has an insurmountable lead, a record of 8-4 with 3 weeks remaining. It is indeed a real shame that this season has been so lopsided but sometimes the better team just dominates inferior competition. 

Q and I started this season thinking it would be quite evenly matched but that has clearly not been the case. And I’ve done all of this after losing two of my first four picks (CMC and Derrick Henry) for significant parts of the season. Luckily I have proven myself to be the superior drafter and game manager. If you sort the top 12 non-QBs by fantasy points scored, 8 of them are on my team. For those of you that aren’t good at mental math like me that is 75% of the top 12 on my roster. Pretty good.

Waiver Wire Advice:


Taysom Hill – if you need QB depth at the end of the season, whether it is to get passed a bye or find a hot arm in the playoffs, look no further than Taysom Hill. I think Sean Payton has been itching to start Taysom but he was dealing with a concussion so the timing wasn’t quite right. Now he is ready to cut him loose, and with Taysom’s carrying ability around the goal line he could become a must start in the QB 8-12 range. Plus Kamara and Ingram are banged up so why not lean on Taysom as often as you can if you’re the Saints. 


Cam Newton – it was fun while it lasted with the Cam stories, but with no CMC for the rest of season and this team looking dead in the water I would look for someone else to start over Cam moving forward. He does have a soft schedule at the end of the season so you have a league that allows for a ton of depth then maybe hold him otherwise drop his ass. 


Matt Breida – he had a pretty slow week last week that was saved by a TD. He’s still splitting time with Singletary but he looks like the better back in my opinion. His role may continue to grow so I would keep him in your pocket if you can.

Arbitrage Season 1 Scoring Breakdown:


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