King Louie

Let me start this article by stating that I’m like every other American watching a major golf tournament; I’m cheering for any Americans in contention to take home the trophy. That said, I think I’ve joined Team Louie in his optimistic plight to truly etch his name into golf history.

For those of you unfamiliar, Louis Oosthuizen is from South Africa and has an absolute knack for leading majors at some point, then proceeding to let the championship slip from his grasp and fade away into the top 10. He has 6 runner up finishes in his career in majors (11 top 10 finishes) and only 1 trophy to show for it. The guy is either cursed or so scarred by previous final round major performances that he simply can’t get it done on Sunday. Right?

So I disagree. While it’s impossible to ignore Louie’s lack of the clutch factor in the final stages of majors, it also shouldn’t be ignored what he accomplished this season. He’s had a top 3 finish in 3 majors THIS SEASON. That stat line is absolutely wild. Golf is a numbers game and, while he hasn’t produced when it’s been absolutely critical to excel, Louie is king at putting himself into the mix. You can’t schedule the peak of your game at a better time throughout the year better than Louis Oosthuizen. 

Lack of hardware aside, you have to respect the professionalism of his game. In a time period where we’re all hoping for a Bryson/Brooks matchup simply from the emotion it would evoke, Louie is not one for the drama. Louie plays his game and isn’t interested in anything else, despite having a drama filled career on the course. Even his game is even keeled. Every time he hits an iron shot or a putt I feel like I’m being lulled to sleep by his rhythm, regardless of the stakes.

Fact of the matter is, Louis should have multiple major championships. But does the fact that he doesn’t affect his ability to win in the future? That question will ultimately be up to him to answer but I personally think he’ll win at least one more major (if not more) before he moves on to the Champions Tour. And for those of you questioning his age (38), rewatch the greatest golfer of all time in the 2019 Masters or Phil becoming the oldest major champion in golf history (almost 51 years old) this past year at Kiawah Island. 

Louie has many years to come and in those years I fully expect redemption. If the golf gods exist it’s time to throw Louie a bone and provide him the recognition he deserves, both as an all time great golfer as well as a professional. I can’t think of a better example story for golf than a guy that’s come up just short for the majority of his career, decided to persevere despite all of his set backs, and the result was glory.

Another Louis Oosthuizen major championship needs to happen and soon golf gods. Make it happen.

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