Jake’s Crystal Ball – NFL Futures vol. 1

Only 7 weeks sit between today and opening night of the 2021-22 NFL season. We have America’s (most hated) Team the Dallas Cowboys traveling to Tampa Bay to face the defending champion Bucs on Sept 7th. And with nothing but MLB and Olympics between now and then I figured there is no better time to dive into some NFL future bets. You can expect a final update to the below picks in the days before opening night, but barring any major training camp injuries or an Aaron Rodgers trade I don’t see much changing here. 

I will start with division winners then move on to conference champs and Super Bowl champ. Despite my strongest desires I will not be betting on every single one of these…be sure to scroll to the bottom for my best bets. Spoiler alert, I will also not get every single one of these correct. I am just a mere mortal. 

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams +180

  • Stafford > Goff (extremely hot take, I know) 
  • I don’t see San Fran getting enough from the QB position or defense to win the division 
  • Seattle still has no defense 
  • Arizona is still a year away imo (in my opinion)

NFC South 

TB Bucs -170

  • Tom Brady, still very good at throwing pigskins
  • Taysom Hill QB1? Yeah good luck picking that team. Hard pass

NFC North 

Green Bay Packers -125

  • Despite Aaron Rodgers grievances and tomfoolery I think he suits up in GB next year 
  • I am admittedly tempted to pick Minny…I love Dalvin…but I don’t have the balls for Kirk
  • Justin Field should be fun but I don’t see it translating to wins just yet 

NFC East 

New York Giants +450

  • I am moving closer to becoming a Daniel Jones truther. But I mainly love Joe Judge 
  • Cowboys defense is fraudulent and McCarthy is in play for the HBO Hard Knocks curse
  • Love FitzMagic but this feels like a perfect 8 win season for the WFT

AFC West 

Kansas City Chiefs -250 

  • Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill … you know the drill

AFC South 

Indianapolis Colts +115

  • I loved Indy last year and felt like they were truly best team in division 
  • Tenn losing Arthur Smith will hurt them more than people realize (particularly Tannehill)
  • I am writing a third bullet point just to say i’m excited to watch Trevor Lawrence 

AFC North 

Baltimore Ravens +115 

  • Lamar will have a bounce back year, and it’s not like he was even that bad last season
  • The Steelers were frauds and are even more fraudulent this year
  • Very tempted to take the Browns but I can’t fathom them actually winning the division 

AFC East 

Buffalo Bills -150 

  • Gunslinger Josh Allen will continue to torment defenses with anti-vaxxer Cole Beasley 
  • I can’t see an argument for the Fins, Pats or Jets winning 9 or 10 games this year


Chiefs +250


Rams +550 

Superbowl CHAMP

Chiefs +250 


  • Rams to win the NFC West +180 
  • Colts to win AFC South +115 
  • New York Giants to win NFC East +450

Disclaimer: I will be placing a bet on the Chiefs at some point to win the SB. I will wait until they inevitably lose a silly game and the odds creep up to +300 or +400. They play Cleveland, Baltimore and Buffalo along with the frisky WFT and Chargers in the first 6 weeks…could be dangerous. 

Disclaimer: SidehustlebetsMJQ.com is not an online gambling operator or a gambling site of any kind. Our insights about sports/sports betting are purely for entertainment purposes only.

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