NFL Bets Week 4

Anddddd boom goes the dynamite. We posted a finish of +2.24 units last week and we’re just getting started. Vegas can’t help itself but to overreact to short term storylines… we’re long term investors. Strap in for another big week, best of luck if you’re dealing with a hurricane right now and always remember to […]

CFB Week 5 Bets

Given the uncertain weather conditions for a ton of games this weekend (shout-out Hurricane Ian), we’re opting to keep it short and simple this week. We’re hovering around .500 on the year so far and we’re only going to improve as we get more data on each team every week. Trust the process, take comfort […]

CFB Week 4 Bets

Week 3 of the college football season was a bit of a snoozefest for ranked teams, but if you followed our picks on MJQ you ended up ~1 unit which is commendable. Luckily we are now fully into conference play and there should be some fireworks. We have some big games with single-digit lines so […]

NFL Week 3 Bets

You know what they say about shooters going through a slump… can’t let them see the ball go through the net. Well, despite logging another atrocious NFL week in the books overall, your boy punched in his first positive NFL week of the year (+0.05 units… but hey we’ll take it and build from here). […]

NFL Week 2 Bets

Good news folks, we got our worst week of the year out of the way already. Week 1 in the NFL was just a gross, disgusting sports betting experience all around. So much so that I won’t waste anymore time discussing it. Onwards and upwards, redirecting the SHB train to the moon in Week 2. […]

CFB Week 3 Bets

Well, definitely glad I’m writing the CFB article this week vs covering the atrocity that was NFL Week 1…  Sports betting on football at any level isn’t for the faint of heart but college football seems to enjoy reminding us of this concept every chance it gets. Fret not, it’s a hedge heavy parlay party […]

CFB Week 2 Bets

We hit the ground running in week 1 and delivered an acceptable 3-3 record for +.23 units. Would we like to hit 100% of our picks every week? Abolustley. Is that going to happen with any sort of regularity? Absolutely not. If we’re simply right more often than we’re wrong, our fans and dearest readers […]

NFL Week 1 Bets

The crown jewel of sports betting is back and the SHB train isn’t slowing down anytime soon (finishing easily over 50% on the year each last season and +8.6 units during the Super Bowl combined ain’t too shabby). This NFL offseason has been electric and Vegas has slept on some serious value to start the […]

NFL/CFB Futures Bets 2022

The boys are back and we’re ready to expose Vegas for all the value they keep leaving on the table. Your football experts couldn’t have finished the season better last year and you can bet your mortgage that this train keeps on rolling through 2022. Prep the man cave, stock up on your beverage of […]

CFB Week 1 Bets

College Football is back. Tailgating is back. Pretending your favorite team who isn’t Bama, UGA, Ohio State or Clemson is gonna win the natty is back. And most importantly, spending 12 hours on your couch watching 18-22 year olds toss the pigskin around is absolutely back. We are fully loaded for another big money CFB […]


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